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07 March 2020'BREITNER vs ISRAELS/ Friends and Rivals' - Kunstmuseum, The Hague - Fully Booked
29 February 2020Extra Special Event: 'CARAVAGGIO – BERNINI, Roman Baroque' - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam - FULLY BOOKED
08 February 2020Cyprus: A Dynamic Island - Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden
02 February 2020Feel at Home in The Hague Fair
31 January 2020ACQUA ALTA: Venice-Amsterdam & Amsterdam-Venice - Special Fundraiser Concert Anonimo Venexian
18 January 2020'JEWELS! Glittering at the Russian Court' - Hermitage, Amstel 51, Amsterdam
15 December 2019'Pieter de Hooch in Delft: From the shadow of Vermeer' - Museum Prinsenhof, Delft
01 December 2019Nicolaes Maes: Rembrandt’s Versatile Pupil - Mauritshuis, The Hague
02 November 2019'Rembrandt – Velázquez', Dutch and Spanish Masters - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
06 October 2019SPREZZATURA: Fifty years of Italian Painting (1860-1910) - Drents Museum, Assen
11 May 2019Hockney – van Gogh 'The Joy of Nature' - Van Gogh Museum
14 April 2019Day Tour Visit to Amersfoort
23 March 2019Gods of Egypt - Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden
24 February 2019'Splendour & Bliss' – Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
16 February 2019'All Rembrandts – Exhibition of the Year' - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
12 January 2019'Utrecht – Caravaggio and Europe' - Centraal Museum, Utrecht
08 December 2018The National Trust: 'Dutch Masters from British Country Houses' - Het Mauritshuis, The Hague
10 November 2018'Dinner is Served' - Van Loon Museum, Amsterdam
06 October 2018Leonardo da Vinci Drawings - Teylers Museum, Haarlem
12 May 2018Van Gogh & Japan - at the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam
15 April 2018The Drake Collection - 2nd visit
11 March 2018"High Society" at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
25 February 2018The Drake Collection - "Human Nature" Cutting-edge Art from 1990 - 2018
20 January 2018Nineveh: Museum van Oudheden, Leiden
26 November 2017Art Deco - Paris Gemeente Museum, Den Haag
11 November 2017Neighbours: Portraits from Flanders 1400 - 1700
14 October 2017DUTCH MASTERS - Treasures of the Tsars
13 May 2017At the Heart of Italian Renaisance Rijksmuseum Twente in Enschede
22 April 2017Jean-Antoine Watteau at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem
12 March 2017Peredvizhniki - Russian Realism around Repin 1870-1900 at the Drents Museum, Assen
25 February 2017From Romanov to Revolution: The end of a Dynasty in the Hermitage in Amsterdam
21 January 2017Master pieces from the Szépmüvészeti Museum Budapest in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem
10 December 2016"A World of Feathers" in the Volkenkunde Museum, Leiden
20 November 2016"At Home in Holland" at the Mauritshuis in Den Haag
08 October 2016Catherine at the Hermitage
22 May 2016Dordrechts Museum, Dordrecht
16 April 2016The Mayas - Rulers of the Rainforest, Drents Museum, Assen at 12.15
19 March 2016Hermitage, Amsterdam at 11.30 hours
20 February 2016Louwman Museum, The Hague at 10.30 hours
24 January 2016Emperor Constantine's Dream, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam.
12 December 2015"Asia in Amsterdam"
21 November 2015The Glasgow Boys - Drents Museum, Assen
23 May 2015Kubota's kimonos in the Siebold Museum in Leiden
26 April 2015The Frick Collection New York - now in the Mauritshuis
21 March 2015Geisha
21 February 2015Mark Rothko
24 January 2015Rivals at The Hague Court
13 December 2014Dining with the Tsars
23 November 2014Raoul Dufy
30 October 2014Candlelight Tour of Kasteel Duivenvoorde
18 May 2014Huygens Museum Hofwijck
12 April 2014Museum Willet-Holthuysen
15 March 2014The Escher Collection
23 February 2014Bredius Museum
25 January 2014Petra, Desert Wonder

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'BREITNER vs ISRAELS/ Friends and Rivals' - Kunstmuseum, The Hague - Fully Booked Kunstmuseum, The Hague - Meet up @ 10.45 Saturday 07 March 2020


Have you ever been to an artistic boxing match?  Well if not this is your chance!

George Hendrik Breitner (1857-1923) and Isaac Israels (1865-1934) ) managed to establish a lifelong mutual rivalry while remaining friends most of that time:  they admired, inspired and envied each other throughout their careers.  And this constant competition spurred them on to achieve great heights in their artistic development.

Coming from different social classes had its advantages and disadvantages for both of them. Isaac´s father was the famous painter Jozef Israels.  He started painting early and made quite an impression with his faultless technique; at the age of 16 he was considered the “Crown Prince” to Dutch painting. 

Breitner was seven years his senior and worked as an office clerk.  He chose the uncertain life of an artist and, while considered talented, was often criticised for his lack of technique and therefore jealous of the wunderkind Isaac.  Not only that; he also lacked female models from good families which for Isaac was not a problem.

Over the years the two friends/rivals stood on the shoulders of the painters of The Hague School, who caused a revolution in Dutch Painting around 1870 by introducing free brushwork and depicting daily life of men and women at the lower end of the social ladder. 

In Amsterdam where both artists ended up, they developed into the trendsetters of late 19th century Dutch painting and were the core of the first real avant-garde movement in the Netherlands. 

To find out more, join us on a guided tour in English – there are several round in a boxing match - our guide will be the very talented Benno Hillebrand – you might remember him from earlier outings.

    booking  Contact Bente Nielsen at
   deadline  28 FEB 20

    address  Kunstmuseum, Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV  Den Haag
  date/time  Saturday, 07 MAR 20, @ 11.00 - meet up at museum @ 10.45

  tour cost  Members         EUR 12.50 (admission not included)
                  Non-members EUR 15.00 (admission not included)
admission  EUR 16.00, if purchased on-line (Free admission for holders of MJK, Rembrandt, & ICOM)

  payment  The Arts Society The Hague account NL90 INGB 0008 3198 36 - mentioning '07 MAR 20' and  full name(s) of the participant(s)

Please check with Bente for availability, before you transfer your payment to finalise your booking and secure your participation on the tour.

The Kustmuseum [formerly known as the Gemeente Museum] is located in The Hague and easily accessed via public transport.  See for times and stops.

The Arts Society does not accept any liability for any theft, accident, or damage that may occur to those participating in The Arts Society’s activities.