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14 January 2020Splendour of the Sultans: Treasures of the Ottoman Empire
10 December 2019Snow and Ice, Holland Frozen in Time
12 November 2019Journey of the River from Source to Sea
08 October 2019The Rockefellers
14 May 2019Three Andalusian Cities
16 April 2019William Shakespeare and his turbulent times
12 March 2019Georgia O'Keeffe
12 February 2019The Art of Turner
15 January 2019The Gods of Egypt
11 December 2018A Golden Touch of Klimt
13 November 2018Art, Politics and Pestilence in Renaissance Sienna
09 October 2018The Changing Face of London
08 May 2018Modern Gardens from Monet to Matisse
10 April 2018Jane Austen's Interiors
13 March 2018Leipzig - Architecture, Art and Music; J.S.Bach, Mendelssohn and the Gewandhaus
13 February 2018Bess and her descendants - The Cavendishes at Hardwick and Chatsworth
16 January 2018Chinese Export Paintings
12 December 2017The Art of Piero della Francesca: The light of the North meets the Logic of the South
14 November 2017The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and the architecture of Frank Gehry
10 October 2017The Scottish Colourists
09 May 2017Artists in Venice 1815 - 1914
11 April 2017The Story of Four Magnificent Royal Castles in the Kingdom of Denmark
14 March 2017Maria Sibylla Merian: Illustrator, Scientist and Explorer
14 February 2017Gold of the Gods and the search for El Dorado
10 January 2017Helene Kröller-Müller and the breakthrough of Modern Art
13 December 2016Step into the Christmas Card
08 November 2016Botticelli's Florence
11 October 2016Popes and Painters: the Avignon Papacy and the Impressionists of Provence
10 May 2016Meissen Porcelain: a history of the 'white gold' of Saxony.
12 April 2016"Leonardo's Hand"
08 March 2016"Meet me at the Waldorf"
09 February 2016 Lecture subject altered! Amsterdam in the Golden Age
12 January 2016Romans in the Netherlands
08 December 2015The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
10 November 2015Persepolis and The Empires of Ancient Persia
13 October 2015Frida Kahlo: Reflections of a life on canvas.
12 May 2015Blenheim Palace – the Agony and the Ecstasy
14 April 2015The Sacred Art of Angkor and Living Arts
10 March 2015The Glasgow Boys: Painting in Scotland 1875 – 1914
10 February 2015Italian Gardens: Their Beauty, Meaning and Relevance Today
13 January 2015Merchants, Matrons and Mites: Family Life in Dutch 17th Century Art
09 December 2014Georgians at Table: Dining in the 18th Century
11 November 2014The Perfect House: Andrea Palladio’s Villas
14 October 2014Edgar Degas – Realist or Impressionist?
06 May 2014The Forbidden City: The Secrets of China’s Imperial Palace and Museum
08 April 2014Those CRAZY years: Life and Art in Paris during the Jazz Age, 1920s - 1930s
11 March 2014The History of the Skyscraper
11 February 2014'The Work of an Angel’: Medieval Manuscript Illumination
14 January 2014Fit for a King: The Art of Hans Holbein the Younger
10 December 2013The Genius of Antonio Stradivarius
12 November 2013The Charisma of Caravaggio
08 October 2013The Boy who Bit Picasso

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Splendour of the Sultans: Treasures of the Ottoman Empire Luit Mols Tuesday 14 January 2020

Pencil shaped minarets, domed mosques, vibrantly coloured tiles with tulips and arabesques and grand manuscripts enlivened with miniatures that portray courtly festivities, battles and religious topics: these are but a few examples of the rich and varied Ottoman artistic heritage that will be discussed in this lecture.
Dr. Luit Mols studied Arabic at the University of Leiden and Islamic Art  at Oxford University following which she received her Doctorate at Leiden. Her company, “Sabiel”, is a research and consultancy firm for Islamic Art. She teaches Islamic Art at the University of Amsterdam and is part time curator for Middle East, West and Central Asia at the Museum voor Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden.
Immediately following the lecture our Annual General Meeting will be held. Everyone is invited. Our AGMs last around 15 minutes. Those not wishing to join us can retire to the bar for refreshments. Drinks will also be served after the AGM.